Partner Feature: Great Bagel

Did you know Great Bagel stone-mills their own organic grains in-house? Well they do! And we’re big fans. So much so, that we source some of our ingredients from them.


We are excited that brunch has returned and we have brought back some crowd favorites like the egg sandwich and chicken biscuit. We’re also excited to be supporting a local business, Great Bagel, and we’re now serving up some delicious, freshly milled corn grits. These grits allow us to have a cleaner, sweeter result and because of this we get to show off how great grits can be without having to add unnecessary ingredients…we’re keeping it simple and delicious.

As our menus change and we’re able to incorporate pasta back on the menu, we’ll also utilize Great Bagel for their flour as it gives more depth of flavor to the pasta since they keep everything organic.

We hope to see you all in Lockbox soon!

– Executive Chef, Cody DeRosett