In the Julep season spirit

Horses are getting wings under their feet for Derby day and we’re all glowing with Julep fever! Introducing the magical Java Julep, a julep for the daring connoisseur of the famed Derby drink.

“I recently developed a citrus allergy and I have been playing around with alternative ways to bring acidity to cocktails without fruit.” Says Lorna Grajek, bartender at Lockbox, “I had been experimenting with coffee beans when some friends came into Lockbox and asked if I could come up with a new drink on the fly using Branca Menta, a mint-leaning of the classic Italian amaro Frenet Branca. I had never used Branca Menta before but when I think about mint the first thing that comes to mind is the mint julep, especially this time of year! I already had the coffee beans in front of me and thought that would be a great way to balance out the intensity of the Branca Menta. This first one was a hit. So, we tweaked it a bit and now we have a decaf coffee-infused bonded bourbon with Branca Menta, sugar and mint. The results are heavenly!”