Jonathan Searle and Guest Chefs Rally for Appalachia

As part of Lockbox’s dedication to supporting and celebrating local foodways, a number of guest chefs will join Chef Jonathan Searle for a four-course dinner and a cocktail hour benefitting the Appalachian Food Summit on Thursday, August 10 at 6:30 p.m.

Each course of the family style dinner will be designed and prepared by a different local chef, including Chef Jonathan Searle of Lockbox, Chef Annie Pettry of Decca in Louisville, Chef Ouita Michel of Holly Hill Inn and Honeywood in Midway and Lexington, Chef Levon Wallace of Gray & Dudley in Nashville, Chef Mark Richardson of Dudley’s in Lexington. Author Ronni Lundy, a food activist and award winning author will be presenting thoughts on Appalachian food culture.

“In a world of convenience and cheap food, it is even more important for me to emphasize a connection to wholesome food born of love,” said chef Jonathan Searle. “The wisdom of Appalachian cooking and heirloom ingredients is all about staying connected to the food we eat. This is huge for me. The more minds we have involved in sharing this love of Appalachian food, the bigger that message grows and allows us to evolve.”

Proceeds from the event, including a silent auction, will go directly to the Appalachian Food Summit, a community of writers, chefs, farmers, scholars, community activists and traditional mountain food enthusiasts who support a sustainable future for Appalachian food and people. Appalachian Food Summit serves as the educational arm supporting Grow Appalachia, a non-profit dedicated to sustaining Appalachian foodways and families.

Previously, the Appalachian Food Summit has hosted a weekend conference to educate chefs and foodies, to build awareness and community around this cause, as well as feed and nurture the local community. Due to financial struggles, the AFS was unable to host the conference this year. Chefs from around the region have rallied around something they believe in and collaborative benefit dinners have popped up around the south.

“Each one of these incredible chefs I have invited to Lockbox in August has Appalachia seated deep in their hearts,” said Searle. “Without the summit this year, we all felt called to do what we could to continue the conversation. This dinner felt crucial.”

Tickets are $95 per person and limited seating is available. Advanced reservations are required. For reservations, call 859.899.6860.