Thanksgiving Chef Recipe: Seared Grit Cake and Succotash

“A beautifully simple dish made special with locally milled grits, and produce sourced from a local farmers market. For a stress-free holiday prepare the Grit Cake and Stew Okra the evening before.” Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Or maybe you just need to make sure you don’t show up to the party empty-handed. Chef Nick … Continued

Skip the booze and make this Lockbox Mocktail Recipe at-home

“This cocktail has all the Fall feels with some good ginger spice to it.” – Lockbox Beverage Director, Brian Walters Not-A-Rita 1.5 oz. Grapefruit Lime Cordial 4 oz. Ginger Beer Top with soda Garnish with lime twist and thyme    

Thanksgiving Chef Recipe: Turkey Brine & Gravy

Pro Tip: Make the brine the day before – that way it has plenty of time to cool. Adding hot or warm brine will poach the turkey. – Executive Chef Cody DeRosett > Printable recipe for you personal cookbook > Full 21c Chef Family Cookbook Trying one of this recipe at-home? Share with us on social … Continued

At Home Recipe: Granny’s Pole Beans

“This traditional dish is quick and simple to make. It’s something you’d have at your Granny’s house on a Sunday afternoon or at a summer potluck. You can make this side dish with just about any meal, my favorite is to have it with fried chicken and cornbread.” – Executive Chef Cody DeRosett > Printable Recipe  … Continued

Recipe: The Whinny

The Whinny is a nod to a popular horse treat, incorporating molasses and peppermint for a more smokey, full-bodied flavor. Whether you’re celebrating the Derby at home or stopping by Lockbox to cheers to the most wonderful time of the year in the Bluegrass, this julep is a perfect spin on the cocktail we know and … Continued

Recipe: Lockbox Lift

In 2007, the U.S. Senate declared September “Bourbon Heritage Month”. The bill, passed by unanimous consent, reinforces the 1964 Act of Congress that declared bourbon “America’s Native Spirit” by celebrating the family heritage, tradition, and deep-rooted legacy that the bourbon industry contributes to the United States. You can celebrate yourself by making one of our favorite … Continued

Mint Julep Month: Java Julep

Coffee-infused Bonded Bourbon pairs with potent Italian digestif Branca Menta and simple syrup in the Java Julep. Perfect for a morning fix, or whatever your fancy, this updated Julep packs a punch. RECIPE: 2 oz coffee-infused Bonded Bourbon 1/2 oz Branca Menta 1/2 oz Simple Syrup (1:1) Shaved Ice Mint bouquet for garnish After adding … Continued

Recipe: Odd Forester

In celebration of America’s Native Spirit, here’s a token from our bartenders – our unique take on the Old Pal, a vintage rye cocktail. Try this recipe at home, or order one at the Lockbox bar all September long. ODD FORESTER 2 oz Old Forester Signature Bourbon 1/2 oz Salers Apertif 1/2 oz Campari Dash … Continued

Deauville Dandy Cocktail Recipe

This drink is a French-inspired take on a Manhattan. Benedictine provides sweetness and spices and Byrrh is used as a replacement for vermouth. The name Deauville Dandy comes from the city of Deauville, Lexington’s French sister city.