21c Selects Maker’s Mark

The 21c Selects program is bringing you an exclusive new way of enjoying Kentucky’s favorite spirits. Our hand-picked barrels have been bottled in limited quantities for our guests to enjoy. You can enjoy these as tasting flights in Lockbox and if you love it, you can go ahead and take a whole bottle home from our 21c Lexington Museum Shop. The Maker’s Mark is an impressive 10 year single barrel, cask strength straight bourbon whiskey. For those of you who like to be in the know, we’re offering in depth tasting notes of this spectacular selection.

Mash Bill: It’s a secret!

Color: Deep copper / Amber

Nose: Mocha, Earthen cellar, Marzapan, cherry cordial

Taste: Toasted wheat cereal, must, mocha, coffee, maple syrup, cherry, cinnamon

Finish: Long with inviting warmth, toasted wood, cinnamon, mocha

Maker’s Mark is well known for being a consistently delicious bourbon. But it’s consistent. And sometimes you want a little something different. When our team went down to Maker’s to select a barrel, Maker’s let them do something outside the box. The folks at Maker’s laid out 5 different finishing staves* with different flavor profiles infused into the wood. They chose a combination of flavors and how many staves of each to form a unique profile. The stats nerds out there would be interested in knowing that there were 1001 possible combinations. The bourbon was then put back in the barrel with the new staves and left to mature for an extra 9 months. What was born is a miracle. “The private select experience at Maker’s is more than just choosing your own barrel of whisky.” says Chea Beckley, Area Beverage Manager for 21c.  “It’s a one-of-a-kind bourbon experience that allows you to follow the process Bill Samuels, Jr., used when he created Maker’s 46®.”

How should I drink it? Drink this with a delicious chocolatey dessert or alone for a warming nightcap.

*Finishing Stave: A flavored barrel stave used to replace staves in a barrel after the desired maturation of the bourbon, in order to allow the bourbon to express a little extra flavor from the barrel.